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Brainy's Share Market Toolbox contains many eBook (PDF) Articles,
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About the Share Market Toolbox contents

The Share Market Toolbox and contents have grown over time and
the items listed in this Master Index below now include:
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About eBook (PDF) Articles

Robert writes and updates eBook Articles from month to month on three different topics:
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  • Technical Analysis; and
  • BullCharts charting software - all BullCharts eBook Articles are
    listed by topic in Robert's BullCharts KnowledgeBase.
  • Any eBook (PDF) Articles in green are publicly available.
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Master Index

Share Investing / Trading topics

BullCharts information in Robert's BullCharts KnowledgeBase
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Technical Analysis topics

BullCharts information in Robert's BullCharts KnowledgeBase
FREE? - To see the first page of any Article see the Articles Master List

2 Percent Rule position sizing
       Presentation "Preserving Capital..."
       ST-4000; ST-4100; ST-4300
3Ways Rule - ST-6120

- A -
Alan Hull Sample Trading Strategy - ST-6420 
Asset classes - ST-2180 
ASX published articles - web page

- B -
Back testing, Trading practise and - ST-3100  
Biases, psychology and emotions - ST-2120 
Bear markets
       analysis of - web page
       Australian - Presentation "Aussie Bear and Bull Markets"
       How to spot - Presentation "How to Spot a Bear Market"
       and impacts - Presentation "Anti-decimation"
       and duration - Presentation "10 Key Lessons..."
Blue Chip stocks
       Presentation "Preserving Capital..."
       The Truth about Blue Chips (web page)
       impacted by GFC: Presentation "Anti-decimation"
       stocks - ST-2100ST-6420  
       Introduction - eNews email #44; ST-6130
       web page
Brokerage - See: Risk & Money Management - ST-4000 
Bull Markets
       analysis of - web page
       Australian - Presentation "Aussie Bear and Bull Markets"
Bulls and Bears - ST-1100 
Buy-and-Hold Strategy Presentation "10 Key Lessons..."
Buy-and-Hold or Strategic Sell? Presentation "Anti-decimation"

- C -
Candlestick patterns - tips for interpreting - ST-1100 
Capital protection - ST-3200
Chart reading (intro) - Presentation "10 Key Lessons..."
Christmas Rally - see Santa Rally (below)
Commissions - See: Risk & Money Management - ST-4000 
Companies, failed - ST-2100  
Companies - impacted or gone in the GFC: Presentation "Anti-decimation"
Contrarian Investing (Redefined) - web page
Correlation - ST-6150 
Count Back Line (for stop loss) - ST-4500ST-6430 
Countries and the world's largest economies
       Presentation "Share Market GEMs"
Cycles (introduction) - Presentation "10 Key Lessons..."
Cyclic stocks, Investing in - eNews email #46; web page; ST-6310

- D -
Daryl Guppy Sample Trading Strategy - ST-6430 
Darvas Box - ST-6440 
Darvas, Nicolas - $2 million - ST-6440 
Day Trading (Trading Styles) - ST-2410 
Debt-Equity Ratio (and risk) - Presentation "Useful Tips for Managing Risk"
Diary, Trading - ST-5210
Diversification in portfolios - ST-6202
Dividends - Is it wise to hold stocks in a falling market? Or sell?
       Web page; eNews email #54; ST-6050
Dividend harvesting / stripping strategy - ST-6450
Dividend Harvesting, all about it - Public Presentation slides
Dividend stripping strategy - ASX Investor Update contribution (unpublished)

- E, F -
Elephant!, The market is like an
       The market is like an elephant (web page)
       Presentation "Share Market GEMs"
Emotions and Psychology - web page; ST-2120;
       The successful investor's mindset (web page)
Entry and exit strategies - ST-6115, eNews #55, eNews #56
Exit strategies (also see Exit Strategies at right)
       web page; ST-6115, eNews email #73#55#56, #59
Fairfax newspapers published articles - web page
Fear and emotions - ST-2120  
FiRT - Risk Tolerance table - ST-2180  
Fundamental Analysis
       web page; ST-2300
       Nicolas Darvas' views - ST-6440 
Funda-Technical Analysis
       Funda-Technical Analysis (web page)
       Articles: ST-2350, ST-2100 

- G -
Gambling - See Risk & Money Management - ST-4000 
GEMs, Share Market - web page, Presentation "Share Market GEMs"
GFC - impact on blue chip stocks
       and $100k portfolio Presentation "Anti-decimation"
       How to Avoid (using charts): Presentation "Anti-decimation Part 2"
       GICS codes, indexes, sectors - ST-6250
       and the banks - eNews email #51; ST-6260
Greed and emotions - ST-2120  
Guppy (Daryl) Sample Trading Strategy - ST-6430 
Guppy Trend Volatility Line (TVL) indicator - ST-6430 

-H, I -
Hope and emotions - ST-2120  
Hull (Alan) Sample Trading Strategy - ST-6420 
Indexes, sector - ST-6250, ST-6260
Indexes, share market - web page
Intrinsic value (web page)
Investing (and Trading)
       Introduction - Presentation "Investing/Trading Case Study"
       Strategies - Robert's Weekly Watchlist - ST-6405
Investment Horizon - ST-2180  
Investment Options - ST-2150  
Investment portfolios - eNews email #69, ST-6202
Investor Category - ST-2180  
IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) Sectors, GICS codes, indexes - eNews email #51; ST-6250, ST-6260
       IPOs - Are they worth it? (web page)
       eNews email #57
       "Share Market GEMs" (presentation)

- J, K, L -
Journal, Trading  - ST-5210 
Liquidity (trades, volume, value) 
       web page;
       Presentation "Useful Tips for Managing Risk"
       Presentation "Stock Liquidity"
       ST-6210 "Trading Strategy - Volume and Liquidity"
       ST-6215 "Trading Strategy - Finding Liquidity Stocks"
Long term returns - ST-2100 

- M, N -
Margin Loans - 10 Key Lessons (web page)
Market corrections (and duration) - Presentation "10 Key Lessons..."
Market Depth - ST-1100 
Mindset, The successful investor's mindset (web page)
Money Flow (and liquidity) - ST-6210, ST-6215
Money Management, Risk and - ST-4000
Monitor positions - ST-5510
Nicolas Darvas - $2 million - ST-6440 
Nimble Short Term Investing
       eNews email #66, #70, #71
       web page
       Public Presentation slides

- P -
Paper Trading, Trading practise and - web pageST-2400ST-3100  
Parabolic SAR indicator (for stop loss) - ST-4500 
Percent risk position size model, The 2 Percent Rule - ST-4100 
Plans, Trading - ST-2400ST-2420  
Position Size
       Optimising position size - eNews email #60
       eNews email #61
       Position Size (intro) (web page)
       Effective Position Sizing (presentation)
       Presentation "Useful Tips for Managing Risk"
       Calculator (described) - ST-4400  
       Calculator (download) - see Toolbox Tools
       and liquidity - ST-4400ST-6210, ST-6215 
       model, percent risk - ST-4100 
       optimising - ST-4000 
       Trade planning - ST-5110
Position Trading (Trading Styles) - ST-2410 
Price charts (also see Technical Analysis at right)
       How to interpret - eNews email #72
Problems - Common investing problems (web page)
       the Bulls and the Bears - ST-1100 
       and emotions - web page; ST-2120 

- R -
Ranking stocks by performance: eNews email #62, ST-6070
       also see the Technical Analysis "Ranking stocks" items at right
       also see the BullCharts KnowledgeBase "Ranking stocks"
Reward Risk ratio
       ST-2430; ST-5110Presentation "Follow my trade"
       ST-4300; ST-5110
"Rising tide llifts all boats" (a furphy, not a GEM)
       Presentation "Share Market GEMs"
Risk and Reward (Ratio) - see Reward Risk ratio
Risk, How to reduce the - ST-4020, Presentation Slides
Risk & Money Management
       eNews email #52
       Risk Management web page
       Presentation "Useful Tips for Managing Risk"
       Presentation "Preserving Capital..."
       Risk and Money Management - ST-4000 
Risk per trade - ST-2430ST-4400; ST-5110
Risk profile and tolerance - ST-2180  
Risk Reward ratio - ST-2430; Presentation "Follow my trade"
ROAR (Rate of Annual Return) - ST-6420 
Robert's JB+AH Strategy - ST-6407 

- S -
Santa Rally - web page, eNews email #74, #58 
       Sectors, GICS codes, indexes - ST-6250, ST-6260
       Sector comparison and RSC - eNews email #51 
Sensible Investing (web page)
Share Market
       GEMs - web page, Presentation "Share Market GEMs"
       general information
       Public floats (IPOs) - "Share Market GEMs" (presentation)
       Public floats - IPOs - Are they worth it? (web page)
       time of day on world markets
Share Market Ready, Are you - eNews email #42; web page
Share prices, understanding - ST-2500 
Share Trading
       Introduction - Presentation "Share Trading Case Study"
       Introduction - Presentation "Investing/Trading Case Study"
       Why do it? - ST-2100  
Slippage - See: Risk & Money Management - ST-4000 
SMSF investing (web page)
Stage Analysis - ST-6410
Stan Weinstein Sample Trading Strategies - ST-6410
       Dividend stripping strategy - ASX Investor Update contribution (unpublished)
       Dividend harvesting / stripping strategy - ST-6450
       Diversification - ST-6202
       for entry and exit - ST-6115eNews #55, eNews #56
       ideas - Presentation "Searching for a strategy"
       indexes, sectors - ST-6250
       Nimble Short Term Investing - web pageeNews email #70, #71, eBook ST-7100
       Percent of portfolio - How much to invest? - ST-6202
       Relative strength (comparing stocks) - eNews email #75, ST-6270 
       Robert's Weekly Watchlist - ST-6405
       Robert's JB+AH Strategy - ST-6407 
       see Funda-Technical Analysis (above)
       Stan Weinstein web page
       Trading - ST-2400ST-2430 
Stop Loss - ST-4500 , Introductory web page
Styles, Trading - ST-2400ST-2410  

- T -
       Trading Journal - ST-5210 
       Trading Plan - ST-2420 
       Trading Strategy - ST-2430 
The Age newspaper published articles - web page
Tips, Investing and trading (web page)
Trade Planning - Presentation "Follow my trade"
Trades, number of - ST-6210, ST-6215
       Journal and Diary - ST-5210 
       Plans - ST-2400, ST-2420 
       Plan example - Robert's Weekly Watchlist - ST-6405
       Plan Template - ST-2420 
Trading Strategy considerations - ST-6200, ST-6210, ST-6215
Trading Strategies, Sample - ST-6400
Trading / Investing Strategies - Robert's Weekly Watchlist - ST-6405
Trading Strategies
       Alan Hull, Sample - ST-6420 
       Daryl Guppy, Sample - ST-6430 
       implementing in charting software - Presentation "How to Implement..."
       Robert's JB+AH Strategy - ST-6407 
       Weinstein, Sample - ST-6410 
       and Template - ST-2430 
Trading Strategy example - Robert's Weekly Watchlist - ST-6405
Trading Styles - ST-2410 
Trading Styles, Plans, Strategies - ST-2400ST-2410, ST-2430  
Trading Work Sheet 
       download the work sheet;
       and Trade Planning ST-5110
       Presentation "Follow my trade"
Trends and the 3Ways Rule - ST-6120 
Trend Trading (Trading Styles) - ST-2410 
Trend Volatility Line (TVL) indicator - ST-6430 
Two Percent Rule position size model - ST-4000; ST-4100; ST-4300

- V -
Value traded (and liquidity) - ST-6210, ST-6215
Volume and Liquidity - ST-6210, ST-6215

- W -
Watchlists (to reduce risk), Quality 
       Presentation "Useful Tips for Managing Risk"
Weinstein Sample Trading Strategies - ST-6410
Why get into Share Trading? - ST-2100  
Win/Loss Ratio (to reduce risk)
       Presentation "Useful Tips for Managing Risk"
Work Sheet, Trading - download; Trade Planning ST-5110

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Technical Analysis - What is it?
       Presentation "Technical Analyis (overview)"
       web page

30-week SMA (Weinstein) - TA-6100  
3Ways Rule in 3Times - TA-3210  
4 Windows analysis approach - eNews email #48; TA-1200

- A -
ActVest and ActTrade (Hull) - TA-6150  
Advance Decline line - TA-6100  
ADX (and Trend strength) - TA-3220  
Alan Hull's Range+ indicator in Robert's JB+AH Strategy - ST-6407 
ATR Max Chase indicator (avoid paying too much) - TA-5300  
Average True Range (ATR) - TA-4320  
Averages, the market - TA-2200 

- B -
Bar charts - TA-2100, TA-3100  
       candles or bars? - web page
Bearish divergence - TA-5210 
Beginners start here - TA-1100   Breakouts 
       Case study examples - TA-3900
       Avoid paying too much - TA-5300  
Bollinger Bands indicator - TA-4310
Books on technical analysis - web page
       Introduction - eNews email #44; ST-6130
       web page
       Case study examples - TA-3900
Bull and Bear Markets, Spotting - TA-6100  
- C -
Candlestick charts (introduction and overview)
       Candles and candlestick charts - candles web page, weekly web page
       candles or bars? - web page
       candle charts and time periods - TA-2100
       price charts in detail - TA-3100  
       introduction: Presentation "Candlesticks...."
       composite candles and candle addition - TA-3780
       explained - TA-3700
       interpretation - TA-3710
       composite candles and candle addition - TA-3780
       patterns - TA-3750 
Case studies in technical analysis -
       ASX Investor Update articles (web page)
       The Age articles (web page)
Chaikin Money Flow indicator - TA-4630  
Charles Dow - TA-2200  
Chart indicator exit strategies - TA-6033  
Chart patterns,
       web page
       eNews email #67
       Introduction - TA-3410 
       More details - TA-3420 
       Megaphone - TA-3600  
       Triangles - TA-3500  
Chart types (line, bar, etc.) - TA-2100  
BullCharts charting software.Charting software - BullCharts (web page)
Comparative Relative Strength - see RSC - TA-4510  
Count Back Line for long and short trades - TA-6250    
Count Back Line for Stop Loss - TA-5100

- D, E, F -
Darvas Box explained - TA-6300, BC-27-100
Divergence (bearish, bullish) - TA-5210 
Dow Theory - web page; TA-2200  
Entry criteria - Robert's Weekly Watchlist strategy - TA-6050 
Exit strategies (also see Stop Loss below)
       Introduction - web page; TA-6030  
       Part 1 - Time, price, money exits - TA-6031  
       Part 2 - Price chart feature exits - TA-6032  
       Part 3 - Chart indicator exits - TA-6033  
Fibonacci (and Golden Ratio) - TA-7200
Flag chart patterns - TA-3410 

- G -
GMMA (and Trend strength) - TA-3220  
Guppy, Daryl - TA-6200, BC-26-300
Guppy MMA indicator - TA-6200  
Guppy MMA indicator interpretation- TA-6210  

- H, I, J, K, L -
Hull, Alan - TA-6150, BC-26-200
Hull ROAR indicator - eNews email #61TA-6150
Indicator, Bollinger Bands - TA-4310
Indicator, Chaikin Money Flow - TA-4630  
Indicator, Guppy MMA - TA-6200  
Indicator, MA - TA-4205TA-4210 
Indicator, MACD - TA-4230  
Indicator, Momentum - TA-4610
Indicator, Money Flow - TA-4630  
Indicator, Twiggs Money Flow - TA-4630  
Indicator, OBV - TA-4410  
Indicator, Parabolic SAR - TA-4250  
Indicator, Wilson ATR Trailing Stop, for Stop Loss - TA-5100  
Indicators for Stop Loss - TA-5100  
Intraday charts -TA-3100  
Introduction - TA-2000, TA-1100  
Irrational exuberance and Dow Theory - TA-2200  
Line charts - TA-2100
Liquidity (trades, volume, value) - Presentation "Stock Liquidity" 
Log scale on chart -TA-3100  

- M, N, O -
       Presentation "MACD - Introduction"
       indicator - TA-4230  
       divergence - TA-4230  
       Robert's Weekly Watchlist strategy - TA-6050
Max Chase chart tool (avoid paying too much) - TA-5300  
Measure rule (also measuring formula) - TA-5420 
Megaphone chart pattern - TA-3600  
Momentum indicator - TA-4610
Momentum - Robert's Weekly Watchlist strategyTA-6050 
Money Flow indicator - TA-4630  
Moving Average (MA) indicator - TA-4205TA-4210 
Moving Average Convergence Divergence - see MACD
Moving Average Cross-over - TA-4210 
Moving Average (VMA), Volume - TA-3900
Moving Average (30-week) - Weinstein web page
Multiple Moving Average (Guppy) - TA-6200  
Multiple Moving Average (Hull) - TA-6150  
On Balance Volume (OBV) indicator - TA-4410  
- P -
Parabolic SAR indicator - TA-4250  
Patterns, Chart - See Chart patterns above
Pennant chart patterns - TA-3410 
Position size calculator - TA-5020 
Price chart, semi-log - TA-3100  
Price/Dividend ratio - TA-6100  
Primary market movements and Dow Theory - TA-2200  
Protecting capital - see Exit Strategies above and Stop Loss below
P-SAR for Stop Loss - TA-5020 
- R -
Rampant speculation and Dow Theory - TA-2200  
Range indicator (Hull) - TA-6150  
Range+ indicator in Robert's JB+AH Strategy - ST-6407 
Ranking stocks by performance:
       Presentation "Ranking Stocks..."
       eNews email #62
       also see the Share Trading "Ranking stocks" items at left
       also see the BullCharts KnowledgeBase "Ranking stocks"
Relative Strength Comparison (RSC) - TA-4510, eNews email #75    
Resistance and Support - TA-3300 , web page
ROAR indicator (Hull) - eNews email #61, TA-6150  
ROAR - Robert's Weekly Watchlist strategy - TA-6050 
ROAR (and Trend strength) - TA-3220  
RSC indicator (Relative Strength Comparison)
       eNews email #51
- S -
Semi-log price chart - TA-3100  
Stage Analysis - Weinstein web page
Stop Loss (also see Exit Strategies above)
       web page
       eNews email #26, #39, #40, #52, #53 
       introduction: Presentation "Candlesticks, Stop Loss,...."
       Stop loss position - TA-5020  
       using indicators for - TA-5100  
Strategies, exit - TA-6030  
Strategy implementation - Robert's Weekly Watchlist - TA-6050 
Support and Resistance
       web page ; TA-3300  
Support level for Stop Loss - TA-5020 
- T -
Technical Analysis - What is it? -
       Web page and further links
       How to interpret price charts - eNews email #72
       Slide presentation - "Technical Analyis (overview)"
       Beginners start here - TA-1100
       Pulling it all together - TA-1110
       Introduction - TA-2000
       Price charts and time periods - TA-2100
       Primary Analysis - TA-3000
       Secondary Analysis - TA-4000
       Chart indicators (introduction) - TA-4100
Time frames (daily, weekly, monthly) - TA-3100  
       eNews email #27
       and trend-spotting - web page
       and Trend lines - Introduction - TA-3200, TA-3205 
       and Trend Strength - eNews email #45; TA-3220  
       Primary, Secondary and Dow Theory - TA-3210  
       and Dow Theory - TA-2200  
       in multiple time frames - eNews email #76, web page, TA-3230
Triangle chart patterns - TA-3500  
Twiggs Money Flow indicator - TA-4630  
- V, W -
Volume - it is important! - TA-3350  
Volume, Price charts and - TA-2100  
VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) - TA-3350  
Wedge chart patterns - TA-3410 
Weinstein, Stan (30-week MA and Stage Analysis)
       web page
       Presentation "Anti-decimation Part 2"
       TA-6100, BC-26-100 
Wilson ATR Trailing Stop indicator - TA-5100BC-08-300 
Wilson ATR Trailing Stop - Robert's Weekly Watchlist strategy - TA-6050 
Wilson, Leon - strategies - BC-26-400

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