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BullCharts - a charting and technical analysis
software system for share market price charts.

A great share price charting tool!
Would you prefer to see an unbiased list of charting software features? - See the list here...

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About BullCharts

BullCharts software features and why Robert likes it

Generic charting software features list

The Star Trader 
independent product review 
(from 2005, but all content still accurate with BC v4 in 2014).

Tuition and training 

What's New in BullCharts: See the What's New details web page.
Also: the latest summary doc, and the official download link

The BullCharts
official web site.

Contact the BullCharts sales and support staff.

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Getting Started - Intro 

Getting Started - Next Steps 

Getting Started - #3

"How to" videos on YouTube.

The official BullCharts KnowledgeBase

KnowledgeBase - Robert's indexed topic list of TipSheets and eBook Articles 

BullCharts FAQs 

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Professional BullCharts
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BullCharts User
Group and Forums

Product Support - email or phone the BullCharts office in Sydney - details here.

Australian BullCharts
with details about monthly Melbourne meetings and monthly online webinar meetings to share ideas and learn more.

BullCharts Users 
Discussion Forum
for official interaction with other BullCharts users - help, assistance, questions (not for BullCharts support).

[pending... please re-visit soon...is used to store files (eg. Custom Scans, Custom Indicators, etc.) and presentations]

Robert Brain (aka Brainy) is a user
of BullCharts charting software since 2005, and
heads up the Australian User Group on a voluntary basis.

Robert is an authorised reseller of BullCharts, 
can arrange an
authorised Trial Version of BullCharts
complete with hands-on support.

Purchase BullCharts from Robert, and
receive half hour of free consulting time
(can be installation, set up, or tuition).
This can be done locally in Melbourne,
or remotely over the internet.

Contact Robert by phone or email
to arrange a Trial or to Purchase.

BullCharts pricing details on the official web site.

As a freelance trainer and consultant he also
provides one-on-one support to BullCharts users.

Enjoy the material that Robert has
published here on his own web site.

Support and assistance:

ATAA (Australian Technical Analysts Association)
To understand more about technical analysis and the stories in the price charts, ATAA (Australian Technical Analysts Association)Robert recommends the ATAA as a not-for-profit association of like-minded people interested in technical analysis, price charts, and all those sorts of things. The ATAA meets in nine locations around Australia.
Visit: www.ataa.asn.au

BullCharts 2-week TRIAL

Robert can arrange a fully functional 2-week trial
of the BullCharts software,
with daily data downloads for 2 weeks.

The Trial CD Kit - is a software CD complete with Australian securities historical End-of-Day (EOD) data going back to 1987. The kit also includes a few pages of printed notes to help you with the installation, and to help you get started. 

The kit includes a username access code that will enable the EOD data downloads for 2-weeks.
After the 2 week trial,
the software will continue to work;
but the daily data download will no longer work.

Some portions of some of the User Group Webinar sessions
are recorded (in particular the demonstration of key features).
See those recordings here...

Visit the BullCharts Forum to
view/exchange messages
with other BullCharts users.

See the BullCharts home page
for links to the following:
Product Tour and pricing;
2-week free trial;
Metastock comparison;
various "authors' strategies; and
Back Testing.

Not convinced?

You are thinking about getting BullCharts but not convinced? See some good reasons here.

What is BullCharts?

BullCharts is an innovative charting and technical analysis system. It provides a
feature rich and powerful set of tools with access to the latest strategies from
local and overseas authors in analyzing
the dynamics of the stock market.

A simple sample price chart.

See how you can leverage
the power and flexibility of BullCharrts
to easily work faster and smarter
with price charts.

See a short video at YouTube
(slightly out of date, but still
indicates what is needed)

For official information about
BullCharts software,
visit the official web site:

Current Version?

Robert is currently using
BullCharts version 5.1.59 on both:
a Windows 10 laptop (with 3MB RAM),
and on a Windows 10 desktop.
(The license allows you to do this.)
 Also see Robert's
What's New summary
(in recent versions)

Features and What's New?

Also see:the official BullCharts Knowledgebase

Some key features in recent upgrades:

  • "Unsync" some price chart panes from a grop of synchronised charts
  • MetaStock-related features (for data import and export)
  • New database system with additional datasets includes commodotoes data and overseas stocks and indexes (price data from other exchanges and markets)
  • Comparative Price Performance chart
  • Detailed Watchlist panel
  • New RSC indicators and scans
  • Market Depth bar charts and indicative price - see a 4 minute time lapse Vimeo video;
  • Detailed Watchlists;
  • More than 40 other enhancements...

Also see:

The official BullCharts Knowledgebase info



TradeSim is no longer under
development by the developers!!
But software licenses
are still available.

Advanced System tester and
Dedicated Back Testing platform
for BullCharts

The Australian TradeSim software is available in Australia by CompuVision Australia. It is basically the same software as used with MetaStock. 

More information about using TradeSim with BullCharts for back testing.

See Robert's Overview guide to installing and running TradeSim with BullCharts.


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