Tuition services
(and mentoring)
for investors and traders

Robert can provide mentoring services and support for investors and traders.
A variety of
BullCharts hands-on tuition and support
and/or technical analysis tuition for newer
share market investors and traders.
Why does Robert do this?
(1) A brief comment about mentoring and tuition
The world is different

The very broad world of investing and trading is just that - very broad. There are so many different options to choose from, and different ways of doing things.

Many trainers, and many mentors, will be happy to sign you up to work through their somewhat specific and targeted program. And that program might be what you want, or it might not be what you want.

The answer!!

How do you find out what you really want to learn? Robert's suggestion is that you quickly gain a broad understanding of the various options, and learn the key terminology.

Robert's Share Market Toolbox is aimed at doing just that; but it can't happen overnight - it might take a while. And Robert is available to have a chat to help you start out, and fast-track, your journey of gaining knowledge and skill in this area.
Mentoring options

Different training companies and different mentors will potentially offer a large range of different ways of learning.

Some might offer you a 1-day $1200 training course (Robert doesn't do this), and they will give you a little bit of information, and then try to sell you their $5000 training course. Others might offer you a $3000 package of training which seems to be what you are after.

It is so easy to commit to one of these, and then discover it is not really what you want. I have heard of people who have done course after course after course, and they are still searching.

Robert is available

Robert is reasonably independent (it is difficult to be 100% independent), and is happy to have a lengthy chat with new-comers to help you understand the options, and to work out the best way forward. An initial chat is easy to do.
(2) BullCharts Tuition and Support
(BullCharts is an Australian charting software package.)
As a very experienced user, and convenor of the Australian BullCharts User Group, Robert can provide one-on-one tuition and support to help you use BullCharts - indicators, scans, customising toolbars, strategies, using Technical Analysis concepts (charting), ... (a whole lot of stuff).
The User Group also operates internet-based user group meetings by webinar.
  • Reasonable rates - just $80 per hour
  • Works best over the internet utilising a state of the art
    web-based screen demonstration tool like a webinar.
  • Could do at your place (in Melbourne).
(3) More Information
The Handbooks

Robert has two handbooks available as downloadable eBooks from Brainy's OnLine Shop (or at the occasional seminars as hard copies in a loose-leaf binder to facilitate storage of additional papers and materials).

eBooks and Tip Sheets
  • Professional eBooks on Share Trading, Charting and BullCharts are in the Share Market Toolbox.
Weekly Market Analysis


  • Services are available on an ad hoc basis, by the hour.
  • Rates are charged in 15 minute blocks, only for the time that we spend.
  • The material that we cover is customised to suit the client.
  • There is no need to pay a lot of money up front.
  • No ongoing commitment or contract.
  • Additional reference materials are available
    (many are available to Toolbox members in
    Brainy's Share Market Toolbox).
(4) Join the ATAA
Consider the ATAA
Robert is pleased to recommend the ATAA - Australian Technical Analysts Association.
What is the ATAA?
Join the ATAA to improve your understanding of how to invest or trade successfully in the financial markets focusing on the correct use and application of Technical Analysis.

Please Note: In providing Tuition and Mentoring Services for investors and traders,
Robert does not hold an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL), and is not licensed to give financial advice.
He does not recommend or sell any financial services products.
He has no affiliations with any financial advisors.
His only affiliations are with the ATAA, and as a promoter and reseller of BullCharts software.

The information presented herein represents the opinions of the web page content owner, and
are not recommendations or endorsements of any product, method, strategy, etc.
For financial advice, a professional and licensed financial advisor should be engaged.

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