BullCharts - Getting Started #6

How to use BullCharts?

Also see the basic Getting Started - Introduction to the product.

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How to use BullCharts?

The information below assumes some knowledge of charting tools, and the markets, and should be easy for experienced traders and investors to follow. Even so, there are links to relevant other information to help everyone understand the detail. (Any items marked "BC-xx-yyy" are some of Robert's pdf Articles in the public area of the Share Market Toolbox, some of which are free, and others are available only to Share Market Toolbox Members).
  1. Set up your watchlist(s) -
    The first step is to create one or more watchlists. Each watchlist will be a list of stocks that are somehow related. You might have one watchlist that is your current shareholdings, so you can easily and quickly review their price charts at any time. Another watchlist might be a list of stocks that you are currently "watching" with a view to possibly buying in the short term

  2. What is your "universe" of stocks? -
    Decide as a part of your strategy whether you will potentially trade/invest in the stocks from one index (or several indexes), of only so-called "liquid" stocks, or some sort of collection of stocks. If there is one watchlist, or one index, that will be your universe of stocks, that that can be set to be your "Default Scan Group". Or you can manually set up a watchlist that comprises your total universe of stocks. See some tips about compiling your own Universe of Stocks.
  3. Scan the market for investment candidates - Use the BullScan feature to scan for stocks that meet your selection criteria.
  4. Position Sizing - Use the BullCharts Trade Planner tool to factor in sound risk management (eg. the 2 percent rule), to optimise the position size. See a 6 minute video The Trade Planner.

Note: Some of Brainy's Articles that might be listed above are publicly available, but many are only available to Toolbox Members.

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