BullCharts User Group

An opportunity for like-minded investors and traders to meet together in person or online to discuss:
the markets, trading/investing ideas and strategies, and (of course) using BullCharts software

Free monthly meetings in Melbourne (since 2006) and
free web-based monthly
webinar sessions (since 2015)

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We are now using Eventbrite to record the RSVP responses for our monthly meetings for both the Melbourne sessions and the online Webinar meetings.
Submit your RSVP here now.

How do we meet?

Once each month, the Melbourne users get together for a 2 hour session, and one week later, users from all around Australia are welcome to join in the web-based webinar session (runs up to one hour).

The web-based webinar session for all remote users

In the monthly web-based session we basically repeat any discussion, presentation and demonstration from the Melbourne meeting the week before (we utilise both the agenda and minutes from the Melbourne meeting). There is ample opportunity to ask questions, and to see BullCharts features demonstrated live. See the schedule and registration links for the Remote Users Webinar meetings.

What do we do?

At our User Group meetings we cover a lot of different things, including a discussion about BullCharts software (features, how-to, etc.), and trading styles, techniques and situations. And we try to talk about the state of the market as well (if time permits)!

When does the User Group meet? 

The Melbourne face-to-face meetings of the BullCharts User Group are usually the third Wednesday of each month. See the User Group flyer for a list of future meeting dates (if an old version of the document is displayed, you might need to "Refresh" your browser window). The webinar meetings are usually one week later.
See the current schedule of User Group webinar events.

Do you have to have BullCharts already?

You don't have to be a BullCharts user to attend. You are quite welcome to come along to just view the product and see how it works.

How to Trial BullCharts?

It is possible to trial BullCharts for 2 weeks for free. No obligation. Full version of the software. Trial includes End of Day data downloads for two weeks. See details here.

Are you an investor or trader?

It doesn't matter. Many of our user group "members" are only part-time traders or investors. Or they are just starting out and still learning about it all.

Fees or obligations?

Being a user group "member" carries no obligation - we don't charge fees, there is no commitment. Perhaps that is why there are lots of people who are interested in the meetings.

How big is the meeting?

The Melbourne meeting regularly has between 10 and 25 at meetings, so it is a good number for round table discussion, and the Webinar meetings tend to have about 5 to 8 people. 

User Group - Member BENEFITS

The Australian BullCharts User Group is FREE - There is no cost to join the User Group. It is run by BullCharts users, for BullCharts users.

User Group benefits

  • Mix with like-minded investors and traders to share knowledge about the markets, strategies, and how to effectively use BullCharts charting software.
  • Access the BullCharts Yahoo Forum (see details below).
  • Attend monthly Melbourne User Group meetings (in Oakleigh), and join in discussions to learn more about both technical analysis and the BullCharts software.
  • Participate in the monthly "remote users" user group webinar.
  • Share ideas and experiences with other users.
  • User Group membership is free.
  • Get more information about technical analysis, and events and activities (eg. investor seminars and forums run by other organisations).
  • Software support is available.
  • Special training is available.

User Group webinars for "remote" users

The monthly user group webinar over the internet is for anyone who wants to participate. We use a web-based tool to share the presenter's PC screen to display information and a live demonstration of BullCharts software tips, hints and how-to sessions. 
See Remote User Group webinar details here...

User Group - Latest UPDATE

July 2019 - The User Group continues to meet monthly on a Wednesday night at the Leighoak Club Hotel in Oakleigh, with the User Group webinar one week later. The BullCharts company continues to sponsor the user group by paying the $100 venue usage fee each month.

September 2018 - The User Group continues to meet monthly on a Wednesday night, with the User Group webinars one week later.

January 2016 - BullSystems / Weblink sponsor the meeting group venue cost. The Melbourne venue (Leighoak Hotel) has been charging a room-hire fee ($100 per time) since late 2010. We did consider a venue change, but the BullCharts company in Sydney (BullSystems / Weblink) have offered to sponsor this cost, and they have agreed to do so again for the next year. So we are staying at this venue.

July 2014 - BullSystems (Weblink) sponsor the webinar meeting costs.
PLEASE NOTE: For the earlier webinar meetings we were using a free webinar hosting tool, which did suffice initially; but did not really do the job properly. An alternate tool was used for a few months (for a small fee), and also proved not adequate. A more professional webinar hosting tool has been used since (about $55 per month), and again the BullSystems (Weblink) company have been happy to cover this cost.

About the User Group - The Australian BullCharts User Group (Melbourne chapter) has been running since July 2006, with 12 meetings each year - the market does not stop over Christmas, so we don't stop either.

More than 80 people have registered interest, and we often have between 10 and 20 regulars at the monthly meetings. This is a nice comfortable number for round table discussions, plus questions and answers. A week after the meetings we have the "Remote Users" webinar session.

User Group meeting agenda - The meeting discussion/agenda typically includes things like:

  1. “Favourite Indicator” presentation and discussion. A bit of theory about a technical analysis indicator, and how to use it, and the optional settings in BullCharts to customise the indicator. Past indicator topics include: RSI, Bollinger Bands, MACD, Stop Loss.
  2. Trading styles, attitudes and strategies (BullCharts includes more than 30 built-in “Author Strategies”).
  3. Using BullCharts for Scans (for stock selection).
  4. General discussion on technical analysis.
  5. Recent trading successes (“hot stocks”? and how did we find it?).
  6. Real live BullCharts demonstrations, including useful tips, on things like BullCharts Toolbars and Toolbar Buttons.
See the latest meeting agenda.

User Group Presentations

Over the years there have been a few presentations to the user group meetings, and some of the presentation slides are available here....

User Group Webinar recordings

Some portions of some of the user group webinars are recorded (in particular, the demonstration of key BullCharts features). See those recordings here...

The $100,000 Portfolio

Since late 2013 the user group contemplated running a hypothetical portfolio. A Trading Plan and Trading Strategy were formulated over a couple of months, and stock selection started early in 2014. And a Trading Journal is maintained to track stock purchases and sales.

See the following documents and files:

In case any other files have been added to this collection of files, see a list of all relevant portfolio files here...

User Group
Webinar meeting recordings

Sometimes a part of the monthly Remote User Group webinar sessions are recorded, and carefully edited and available for you to view.
See the User Group Webinar recordings.

Also, many snippets of useful information have been posted to the "BullCharts - Getting Started" pages, and
to the BullCharts KnowledgeBase.

Did you know?

BullCharts charting software is a tool to help you analyse price charts. To be able to use it effectively you do need to know something about the subject of Technical Analysis.
Robert's Share Market Toolbox includes a variety of information on this subject, including:
Or you can see the Toolbox Gateway for a detailed list of the Toolbox contents.

ATAAMore information about Technical Analysis is available from the ATAA (Australian Technical Analysts Association) - a not-for-profit association run by members for members. (Robert is a Victorian Chapter Committee member, and a National Director).

Melbourne MEETINGS - details

Meeting at the LeighOak Hotel, 1555 Dandenong Road, Oakleigh.

Arrive at 6:00pm for drinks and
a social chat over dinner
(or just for a chat).
Meeting starts at 7:30pm in
the upstairs Function Room.
BUT, please RSVP to make sure we have
enough chairs (for dinner or the meeting).


Sample meeting agenda items,
plus dates for the current six month period;
and contact phone number are
all in the Notice of Meeting pdf file.

Software Support

BullCharts software support is available in a number of ways:

  1. Attend the monthly Melbourne meetings and join in the discussion and ask questions during the meeting agenda item "How do I do this... in BullCharts?"
  2. Join the Yahoo Forum (see below).
  3. Remote support is available. Robert provides this service for a very small fee. More details here.

Yahoo Forum

The official BullCharts Users Discussion Forum is for online "discussion" among users about the product. Whereas the BullCharts User Group Yahoo Forum has the following features (you need to be granted access to view these pages - see the FAQ page for details): View the BullCharts Yahoo Forum FAQ page for information about things like:
  • What is the BullCharts Yahoo Forum and what is it used for?
  • How is this different to the official BullCharts Discussion Forum?
  • How do I get access to the Yahoo Forum?
  • How do I create a Yahoo Logon ID?

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are not recommendations or endorsements of any product, method, strategy, etc.
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