Using TradeSim*
with BullCharts

For back-testing trading strategies

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The official TradeSim web site at CompuVision Australia.

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The TradeSim Quick Start Tutorial Guide for BullCharts (25 pages)

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TradeSim software can be
used with BullCharts for
back testing your trading strategies.

Before considering the purchase
of a TradeSim license,
please be aware of the
current TradeSim development situation
(see information at right).
How does TradeSim work?

The TradeSim software functions as a "plug-in". It is also in common use with MetaStock software. It is easy to download and install using the default set-up process.

Quick Overview
Once it is installed, BullCharts and TradeSim work like this:
  1. Prepare your trading strategy ideas (ideally you will have it written down in detail). For more ideas about trading strategies, see Brainy's Articles on Share Trading.
  2. In BullCharts, create a new TradeSim Scan (or modify one of the existing sample TradeSim scans). These are similar to the regular Scans in BullCharts. It specifies your trade entry and exit criteria.
  3. Run the BullCharts TradeSim scan.
  4. The scan will create a TradeSim "Trade database" - a list of stocks where your entry criteria were satisfied for a trade purchase, and those where your exit criteria were satisfied for an exit.
  5. Start TradeSim and open your "Trade database".
  6. Modify any parameters as required.
  7. Run a "simulation".
More details about this process are included in Robert's BullCharts eBook (pdf) Article BC-13-100 "TradeSim installation and execution" (for Toolbox Members only). Other Articles in Brainy's series are available from the Toolbox Members web pages.

TradeSim Products

TradeSim is available in these variations:
  • Standard Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
See more information about these variations...
Or see a Product Comparison...

Many End-of-Day investors and traders might find that the Standard Edition is all that is required. The last time we checked, the purchase price was less than $200. See latest pricing on the Online Purchase page here...


TradeSim support is provided from within Australia by the CompuVision company.

BullCharts support is provided in Australia by the BullCharts company in Sydney. As an authorised BullCharts reseller, Robert can also provide BullCharts support.

 * TradeSim and
CompuVision Australia
Please note: We understand that the TradeSim software is no longer under support or development. The TradeSim website is for legacy support for existing customers.
Following are some links:

TradeSim Downloads and Quick Start Videos.

Useful TradeSim docs and Tutorials.  

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