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A small collection of articles, notes and Frequently Asked Questions to help you with BullCharts software.

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Index codes - a list of the overseas index codes (and others) to use to display the item in BullCharts. An abbreviated 2-page version - click here; or a much more detailed and longer 29-page version - click here.

Snapshots - what are they? - They are available on the EOD and Live plans.  On the Intraday plan, it makes a “snapshot” of the data available which includes the recent price points for each stock.  This enables you to view charts including today's prices (up to the latest “snapshot” time during the day), and to run a Scan using the last available snapshot. In BullCharts use the menu option: Tools > Update Snapshot.

IntelliCharts - A simple  1-page pdf overview - click here to download. More information in the Tip Sheets, and eBook Articles.

Author Strategies - A 10-page simple overview - click here to download. More details in several eBook Articles.

Window seems to freeze - There are some situations with some versions of BullCharts where the window seems to freeze; but it doesn't really. This 1-page info sheet explains the observation and how to work around it until you upgrade to a fixed version. Click here to download.

How to change decimal places in ADX indicator - click here to download.

Installation Error 1603 - how to recover and complete the installation - click here to download.

Fundamentals in BullCharts - Which fundamental values are available? - Click here to download. More details in some eBook Articles.

Backtesting and TradeSim:-
How to change the default colour on indicators - simple 1-page pdf - click here to download.

Indicators and templates - A 4-page pdf intro to indicators and templates - click here to download.

Annotating charts (lines, text, etc.)- A 3-page pdf intro to putting lines, text and other things onto a price chart - click here to download.

Scans - A Powerpoint presentation (saved as PDF file) intro to scans in BullCharts - click here to download. Lots more details in several eBook Articles.

Backup and Restore BullCharts data and files - How to do this (just in case your computer crashes, or the data is scrambled, or to move data to a new PC). A Powerpoint presentation (saved as PDF file)  - click here to download.

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