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BullCharts charting softwareMaybe you have been looking at the BullCharts charting software, and perhaps trialling it?
And perhaps you are still undecided about whether to proceed?
Consider the following key points:-
  1. How to get started with BullCharts - Some tips, information sheets, and short tutorial videos, in the free section of my Share Market Toolbox.
  2. Features list - Watchlists, lists of stocks in each index, easy price charts, customisable chart templates, many indicators to choose from, easily-customisable scans and Author Strategies already implemented. Developed using start-of-the-art software tools and systems, but simple to use. See more details here.
  3. Is it too expensive? - Compared with the amount of money that some people lose through unwise or ill-informed investment decisions, this investment in good charting software can be worth it several times over. See the latest pricing details. And you can also learn a lot by networking with others, and leveraging a group like the ATAA.

  4. The real price? - Some people hesitate because the initial up-front price seems to be a lot of money. Don't forget the initial once-off purchase price for the BullCharts license includes future upgrades (about the same as the full version of Microsoft Office). There are no on-going fees for the software. That's it - not that expensive relative to other quality products.

  5. The data subscription? - Most people go with the End-of-Day data plan. That's less than one dollar per day. And the data is quality corrected and adjusted data from the ASX.
  6. Is it better than MetaStock? - This question is often asked, and there are a few key points:-
    • BullCharts stores all company data on your PC in the same state-of-the-art MS SQL-Server database that is used by large companies for rugged and reliable performance. What does MetaStock use to store company data?
    • You can create, view and manage many watchlists with ease and simplicity, and quickly view a price chart of the stocks in any watchlist - quickly and easily. Ask someone to show you how MetaStock does this.
    • Make simple changes to a scan, or an indicator, using drop-down menu options. No programming is needed for most changes. 
    • Special Author Strategies are included in BullCharts - what about MetaStock?
    • How about an active User Group with monthly meetings?
    • What about a monthly webinar in Australia for users?
    • What about over-the-web training and support in Australian hours?

  7. You still have some questions? - Visit the User Group, or give Robert a call to discuss.

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