Share Market Price Charts
Unlocking the Secrets seminar

(formerly Technical Analysis Intro seminar)

Price charts summarise the underlying opinions and emotions of the market participants.
Every chart tells a story.
It pays to understand the stories in the price charts.

The company share price graphs can tell us a lot.
With a little understanding we can work out the best time to invest (and a good time to sell).
Gain a good understanding of how to read and analyse
share price charts - up trends, technical chart indicators, simple Moving Average, PE Ratio,
plus using chart interpretation for share trading.

There are secrets hidden in the charts!!??

A 6-hour seminar on a Saturday afternoon — a great introduction and broad overview to technical analysis and charting. Learn how to time the market (it can be done), and the conditions that might suggest to sell a position.

The old buy-and-hold investment method is not as successful as it once was. The best investors now use specific stock-picking and timing methods. Are there secrets hidden in the charts? Not really. For those who know how to read the charts, the secrets are not hidden at all (they are only hidden from those who don't know how to read them).

The share price charts of any company can tell us a lot of information about the sentiment of investors towards the company. And with a little understanding we can work out the best time to invest (and a good time to sell). And good charting software certainly helps. It can even be fun and enjoyable.

More information about Funda-Technical AnalysisWhat are blue chip shares really worth?
Funda-Technical Analysis can be very useful, and we study the technical analysis aspect of timing the market.

Learn how to read and analyse share price charts — up trends, technical chart indicators, Moving Average, PE Ratio and more. Here's a tip: “the trend is your friend”. Robert's new “3Ways Rule (in 3Times)” makes it easy to remember the key aspects.

A 6-hour seminar on a Saturday afternoon — a great introduction and broad overview to technical analysis and charting. The handout notes binder (100+ pages) is included. It is suggested (but not essential) to attend the Share Market Secrets seminar before this one.

Price Chart Secrets (aka Technical Analysis)
Seminar Overview

  • An introduction to Technical Analysis.
  • Primary Analysis
  • Secondary Analysis
    • Indicators (eg. Moving Average, MACD, Momentum, RSI, OBV)
    • More indicators (eg. P-SAR, Stochastic, RSC, MMA)
    • Cycle analysis
    • Elliott Wave
    • Fibonacci
    • W.D.Gann
  • Share Trading - briefly
    • Trading plan and strategy
    • Trade management
    • Stop loss basics 
    • Position size
    • Paper trading

    Who should attend?

    • Anyone who wants a complete overview of the subject of Technical Analysis.
    • Anyone who wants to learn the secrets of company share price charts.
    • Novices in the share market.
    • Newish share traders.
    • Existing traders who think there is something else about technical analysis that they need to know about.

  • Dates, costs, registration details

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    and registration informationon

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    registration details are here...

    Why should you attend this Must-Do event?

    1. Understand more about the market.
    2. Learn more about the very broad field of Technical Analysis.
    3. Understand more about the huge variety of technical analysis (chart) indicators.
    4. Learn some key details about useful key indicators.
    5. Understand more about chart patterns.
    6. Pick up the FREE Seminar Handbook full of useful notes for later reference.
    7. Pick up the extra FREE handouts.
      eg. The "Investor's / Trader's Creed" (or "Safer Trading Rules") mini-poster.
    8. Get an up-to-date version of the "Lotsa Web Links" (Supplementary Resources) FREE handout - a list of companies and web sites to help you with more information. A total of 270+ entries listed under 50+ categories.
    9. Get the FREE Brainy's Gems hand-out (here is a summary of  Brainy's GEMS) - full of useful tips relating to the share market and share trading.

    How to Register and
    secure your seminar seat 

    See the details here.

    For more information:

    1. Print this web page as a summary of the Technical Analysis seminar details.
    2. Email to the seminar presenter (details below) and ask for more details to be sent to you.

    Financial Advice?

    This seminar is general in nature, and it is for information only. It is not financial advice.  Before making any investment decisions, you should always consult a properly trained, qualified and licensed financial advisor who will discuss your own personal situation and take this into account.

    These seminars are prepared and presented by independent trainer/consultant Robert Brain (aka Brainy).

    Other seminars and workshops:

    • Share Market 101 (aka Boot Camp) seminar
    • Hands-on Trading Workshop
    • Share price charting software, and intermediate-level use of BullCharts software
    • How to select your stocks (using the BullCharts software BullScans)
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    For more information, email to:  

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