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Are you thinking about investing in shares or CFDs?
Confused by all the information on investing?
Want down-to-earth information?

This series of workshops and seminars has been revised and improved.
Prepared and presented by independent trainer/consultant: Robert Brain.

DATES and VENUES - A summary list of
upcoming Workshops and Seminars.

Share Market 101 - seminar
(formerly called Share Market Boot Camp)

DATES and VENUES are listed here....

It is possible to “time the market”, despite what the experts say. It is possible to do much better than just spend “time in the market”.

This 6-hour crash course will explode some myths and
reveal many of the secrets of the share market and explain how it is done. 
How does the market work? Who is in it and why?
What sort of games do they play with small retail investors?

We focus on shares, but we also briefly mention CFDs, and other instruments.

Find out how to buy and sell shares, and understand the traps for newbies. Understand your investing risk tolerance. Learn the basics about Funda-Technical Analysis (the Fundamental Analysis aspects), and about the myriad of companies that are keen to help you further.

Want to learn more about the share market? How to make money in the market?
Have you lost money in the market and can't understand how?
Confused by the ads that promise that
you can make easy money safely in any market?

This Share Market Secrets seminar is a great introduction to the market, share price charts, charting software and technical analysis (ie. charting). A great way to start learning about shares, the share market, the alternatives, as well as share trading.

And, find out why the market is like an elephant!!

More information about the Secrets Seminar (Boot Camp); is this for you? 
Handouts and light lunch are included.
More seminar details here...

Now running quarterly in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. Dates, venues listed here...

Share Market Price Charts - Unlocking the Secrets (seminar)
(formerly called Technical Analysis Introduction)

DATES and VENUES are listed here....

The share price charts of (blue chip) companies tell us a lot. And with a little understanding we can work out the best time to invest (and a good time to sell). And with good charting software that includes access to fundamental data plus a whole lot more (like BullCharts), it becomes both great fun and potentially rather profitable.

Wouldn't you like to be able to interpret share price charts?
And get a feel for which way a company's share price might move?

In this seminar you will gain a good understanding of how to read and analyse company share price charts.

What are blue chip shares really worth? Funda-Technical Analysis can be very useful, and we study the technical analysis aspect of timing the market. Learn how to read and analyse price charts — up trends, technical chart indicators, Simple Moving Average, PE Ratio and more. 

Brainy's 3Ways Rule in 3Times.Did you know that once a company's share price is confirmed to be trending up, then the chance of the uptrend continuing is better than 50%. Brainy's "3Ways Rule (in 3Times)" is an easy way to remember the details.

This seminar is a great introduction to the topic of charting.
ie. Technical Analysis - or how to interpret share price charts.
Includes: candlestick charts, chart patterns, moving averages,
indicators (many), Gann, Fibonacci, Elliott Wave.

This seminar is an ideal follow-on from the Share Market 101 seminar. Runs for 6-hours on a Saturday. Handouts and light lunch are included.

More information about the Seminar; should you attend?
More seminar details here...

For more information about the broad topic of Technical Analysis - click here...

Looking for Webinars
or other events?


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Special Offers

These events always include special offers, mostly in the form of handy hand-outs, at no extra charge. Things like:
  1. Seminar hand book - A complete sent of hand out notes. In most cases, the notes match the presentation slides so it iws easy to follow progress, and make your own notes for later reference.
  2. Market Indexes - This handout includes a diagrammatic indication of how our share market indexes are comprised, and shows that the "top 200" stocks is not really the top 200 of our stocks.
  3. Share Market GEMs - A summary list of Robert's GEMs, with some explanation.
  4. Plus more - There are usually more handouts in addition to the list above.
Happy investing, trading and learning
Robert Brain

Your Learning Roadmap

To help put things into perspective, and to help you tackle the learning in a logical and sensible sequence, it is suggested to study the topic in sequence:

  • Share Market 101 - the overview;
  • Share price charts - How to interpret share price charts
    (ie. Technical Analysis); and


Why does Robert run seminars and workshops for a living?
and not stick to share trading? Here is the answer...

Whatever you do,
beware of the sharks
in the ocean!

Beware the sharks in the ocean.

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