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Learn the truth and the secrets of the share market.
Develop or fine tune your investing/trading strategies.
Learn about the investment strategies of others.
How to interpret price charts for better profits, and how to minimise any losses.
Find out the things your broker and finance advisor don't want you to know!

Prepared and presented by independent trainer/consultant Robert Brain (aka Brainy).

Price charts summarise the underlying opinions
and emotions of the market participants.
Every chart tells a story.
It pays to understand the stories in the charts.

Many of these events are being run at the Vermont South Community House (VSCH)
(in Melbourne's eastern suburbs).
Enrolment for most of these events needs to be done directly with the VSCH.
See the VSCH contact details and venue location.

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Seminar / Workshop overview

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Events at
Vermont South Community House **

Share Market 101 - seminar 

(formerly called the Share Market BOOT CAMP)
Venue - Vermont South

Not happy with your investment returns? Got doubts about your financial adviser? Want to take more control yourself? Learn the honest truth about the share market. This seminar will explode the myths of the share market and help you to be much more in control of your investments — more than you ever thought possible.

It is possible to “time the market”, despite what the experts say. It is possible to do much better than just spend “time in the market”. And it is possible to sleep easily at night.

This 6-hour crash course will explode the myths and reveal many of the secrets of the share market and explain how it's done. Understand your investing risk tolerance. Learn all about Funda-Technical Analysis. Find out why the market is like an elephant!!

Find out how to buy and sell shares, and understand the traps for newbies. The market is really a fast-paced auction — come and see how. The focus is on shares, but CFDs and other financial instruments are mentioned.

Runs from 10am Saturday. The handout notes binder (100+ pages) and light lunch are included.

More information and freebie details here...




6 hours
10am- 4:30pm
(includes lunch break)

includes light lunch and handbook

Share Market Price Charts - Unlocking the secrets (seminar)

(formerly called Technical Analysis Intro)
Venue - Vermont South

The old buy-and-hold investment method is not as successful as it once was. The best investors now use specific stock-picking and timing methods. The share price charts of all companies tell us a lot about the company. And with a little understanding we can work out the best time to invest (and a good time to sell).

What are blue chip shares really worth? Funda-Technical Analysis can be very useful, and we study the technical analysis aspect of timing the market. (By the way, blue chip shares can disappoint - see more details...)

Learn how to read and analyse share price charts — up trends, technical chart indicators, Moving Average, PE Ratio and more. Here's a tip: “the trend is your friend”. Robert's new “3Ways Rule (in 3Times)” makes it easy to remember the key aspects.

The "4 Windows" approach to analysing the market.See an introduction to the "4 Windows" analysis approach, that Robert uses each week to analyse the market.

And we spend some time looking at good charting software tools.

More info and freebie details here...
TA-2016x Saturday


6 hours
(includes lunch break)

includes light lunch and handbook

* Fees - Early Bird discounts may apply in some circumstances - check the seminar web page for more details.

** Venue details:-

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