Share Market 101 seminar

(formerly Share Market Boot Camp)

Share Market Secrets
A 6-hour crash course revealing many of the secrets of the share market.
A great introduction to the market, share trading and share price charting software.
Learn the secrets and inner workings of the share market.
Updated and revised twice each year!!
Fact or fiction?
"Time in the market is important because
you cannot time the market."
- MYTH!!
Absolutely False!!!

Despite what the experts say, it is possible to “time the market”!
It is possible to do much better than just
spend “time in the market”. Don't believe that infamous myth.

Not happy with the performance of
your investments or your adviser?

This 6-hour crash course will explode some share market myths and reveal many of the secrets of the share market and
explain how it's done.

Lots more!

  • Understand your investing risk tolerance
  • Funda-Technical AnalysisLearn the basics about Funda-Technical Analysis, and about the myriad of companies that are keen to help you further. 
  • Find out why the market is like an elephant.
  • Find out how to buy and sell shares, and understand the traps for newbies. 
  • The market is really a fast-paced auction — come and find out more. 
  • The focus is on shares, but CFDs and other instruments are included.

Lost money in the share market?
Not sure why? It is avoidable!!

  • Do you want to hear the truth about the share market?
  • Your superannuation does not have to lose value!!
  • Want to prepare for the next bull market now? (It's coming soon!)
  • Is it possible to pick the bottom of a bear market (or a "bear market bottom")?
  • Are you thinking about investing in shares? Or maybe in CFDs, or Options, Futures, Currencies?
  • Confused by all the information about investing?
  • Want down-to-earth, useful and practical information?
  • What about the "Safer Trading Rules" (Trader's Creed) handout to help maximise returns and minimise losses?

Brainy's revised and updated 6-hour
Share Market Secrets (BOOT CAMP) seminar.

  • The number of seats are limited to avoid large groups (maximum 15).
  • Smaller group size means a better learning environment with good chances for questions and discussions.
  • This seminar only runs on demand - it is not scheduled to run periodically.

You can't attend?

If you can't attend; but you want to receive the Boot Camp Hand Book, it is available for purchase through the secure online shop.

Seminar dates, costs, details

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Why should you attend this Must-Do event?
  1. Not happy with your investment returns? Got doubts about your financial adviser? Find out about the alternatives.
  2. See how to make bigger investment profits and smaller investment losses, and reduce the amount of idle-money.
  3. Learn how to take less risks in the market (using effective risk management), and be much more in control of investments — more than you ever thought possible.
  4. Seminar Handbook (100+ pages) Understand how the retail investors lose money, and
    about the many traps for retail investors.
  5. See what really happens when you buy/sell shares.
  6. Collect the latest edition of the FREE Seminar Hand Book full of useful notes for later reference.
  7. Collect the extra FREE handouts -
    eg. The "Safer Trading Rules" sheet.
  8. Brainy's Share Market GEMs Get the latest edition of the "Lotsa Web Links" (Supplementary Resources) FREE handout - a list of companies and web sites to help you with more information. A total of 270+ entries listed under 40+ categories.
  9. Get the latest version of Robert's Share Market GEMS handout full of useful tips relating to the share market and share trading.

How to Register and
secure your seminar seat 

For seminars at the VSCH venue:
For other sessions:
  1. For seminars at other venues, you can register online here and secure the early-payment discount (if applicable). You can pay securely online with a credit card, using the secure PayPal credit card processing facility (Visa or MasterCard). Or even use your PayPal account. 
  2. Download a copy of the event registration form, fill in the relevant details, and post it.  Payment options include: cheque, money order or credit card.  Confirmation will then be sent to you by either email or regular mail. 
  3. Details about the payment options are here...

For more information:

  1. You can download the first few pages of the Seminar Hand Book to get a feel for the seminar material, and to preview the professional quality of the seminar notes. (If you can't attend the seminar, you can purchase the Hand Book from my online shop - either a downloadable eBook version, or the printed hardcopy).
  2. Print this web page as a summary of the seminar details.
  3. Email to the seminar presenter (details below) and ask for more details to be sent to you.

Financial Advice?

This seminar is general in nature, and it is for information and education only. It is not financial advice. Before making any investment decisions, you should always consult a properly trained, qualified and licensed financial advisor who will discuss your own personal situation and take this into account.

To register interest, or for enquiries, email to:  

Share Market 101
seminar synopsis
Overview Who should attend
  • Seminar Features for the full 6-hour session: 
  • Introduction to the share market:
    • What is this thing called the "Share Market" and how does it work?
    • Who are the people who are in the share market, and why are they there?
    • The big boys in the market are ruthless in taking money from the little guys (and from retail investors).
    • What gains (and losses) are possible?
  • Share prices:
    • Exactly what are "shares"?
    • What events influence share prices?
    • Why do people buy and sell shares?
    • How can you buy/sell shares?
    • Brokers - full-service brokers versus online brokers?
    • Share portfolio - how to easily keep track of the total value of your shares.
    • Insight into some "gems" of share market information.
    • Share market indices - what do they mean? (eg. S&P ASX/200, ASX All ordinaries, etc.), and sectors and GICS codes.
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis:
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly price charts.
  • Share Trading - brief overview:
    • The Emotions of share trading - Fear and Greed.
    • Your Risk Tolerance and Profile - Let's work it out.
    • How to sleep peacefully at night.
    • Stock selection basics - up trends, down trends, and price chart patterns.
    • Trading methods (trend, breakout, reversal).
    • How do people use price charts for stock selection?
    • Charting software - availability, features, costs, price data.
    • How much time does it take to do this?
    • How much money do I need to get started?
    • Who else can help me?
    • Where to now?
  • Do you know very little about the share market; and want to learn about it?
  • Maybe you already know a few things about the market; but need to fill in those missing gaps in the knowledge.
  • Are you thinking about investing in the share market?
  • Have you lost money in the market and can't understand why?
  • Has your superannuation fund lost value?
  • Having trouble keeping a tally on the value of your investments?
  • Looking for ideas for investment strategies?
  • Do you want to understand how the share market works (buyers, sellers, trades, market depth, stop loss conditional sell orders, etc.)?
  • Are you retiring in the next few years, and wondering where the money will come from?
  • Do  you want to try to make some money from share trading?
  • Do you want to understand the difference between fundamental analysis and technical analysis?


WARNING! - Investing in the share market can result in a loss of funds. And even so-called professional advice will not guarantee that you won't lose money!!

Make sure to beware of the sharks in the ocean!


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