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Robert's webinar events for BullCharts information and Remote User Meetings.

SkypeTM software
in the user webinar

To participate in the interactive "discussion" webinars (eg. the Remote User Group) you will need to have SkypeTM software installed, and at least a free Skype account. There is no fee involved to set this up for the free Skype-to-Skype phone calls over the internet (see more notes below, and in this download document).

To prepare for a User Group session using Skype, you need to:
  1. Install Skype (once off, and it's free). 
  2. Start Skype.
  3. Do a free test call to make sure it is working today ("Echo / Sound Test").
  4. Add the Skype user RobertBrain2 to your list of Contacts (a once-off step).
    In Skype: menu item:
    Contacts > Add-a-contact.
  5. Then place a Skype Call to Robert to be added into the conference.
SkypeWhat is SkypeTM? - see the features list.
AND it works better using a headset (to avoid feedback, and other audio noise when using the computer's speakers and microphone). Just Skype audio, we don't use Skype video.

Download the Skype software free-version here.

Note: For free Skype-to-Skype calls you do need to set up a free Skype account, but you do NOT need to enter Date of Birth nor Mobile number (this information is prompted for, but is optional).

Upcoming webinar events
April 2014

Robert runs webinars (web-based seminars and the like) from time to time on a number of topics. In most cases, participants need to register in advance. See the links below.

Upcoming Webinar Schedule

Subject Date and Time Duration Cost?
Overview webinar
details below
Event not scheduled.
Contact Robert B if interested.
User Group*
Webinar Meeting
(it's free)

and using Skype

see details below

23 April

Starts: 8:30pm
Please connect between
8:15pm and 8:30pm.

Please REGISTER your interest
using the free EventBrite service.

And on the day of  the webinar,
click here to join the webinar...
This will utilise the GoMeetNow facility.
Special "How to" topics
details below
Date: (TBA)
Time: 8pm

Event overviews*:-

BullChartsBullCharts Introduction and Overview webinar

  • A very basic introduction to the Australian BullCharts charting
    software package.
  • Missed the last session? or can't wait for the next one?
    View a video recording of a past session in .
  • The session is normally about 30-45 minutes conducted over the internet.
  • Intended for:
    • Anyone who wants a quick overview of BullCharts.
    • Prospective purchasers.
    • New BullCharts users.
    • Experienced traders who are very new BullCharts users.
  • How does it work? - Download the Webinar Introduction document for an explanation.
  • In this webinar session you can view a screen being presented, listen to the presenter, and ask questions (either by Instant Message using the webinar tool, or by SkypeTM if you have it).
  • Limitations? - At this stage there is no limitation to the number of participants that we can accommodate (but there is a limit for Skype users).
  • Registration - You can register for this event using the link in the Schedule table above.

BullChartsBullCharts Online Remote User Group meetings

Note the following key points, and see more details here...:-
  • A 60-minute session (approx) conducted over the internet.
  • A substitute for a face-to-face user group meeting (of course, there is no real substitute for a real face-to-face User Group meeting).
  • Intended for:
    • BullCharts users who cannot get to a real User Group meeting.
    • First-time users who want some tips and clues.
    • Experienced users who want to learn more about BullCharts.
    • Any BullCharts user who wants to see how to do something specific in BullCharts.
  • Session Agenda and topics:-
    • These webinar sessions will attempt to replicate the proceedings and discussion of the latest monthly Melbourne User Group meeting.
    • We will use SkypeTM software (Conference Call feature) to enable 2-way discussion by participants - audio call only, NOT a video call.
  • How does it work? - Download the Webinar Introduction document for an explanation.
  • Limitations! - At this stage we are limiting these sessions to the first 25 people who register (we understand there is a limit to the size of a Skype Conference Call).
  • Registration - You can register for this event using the link in the Schedule table above.

BullCharts Special "How to" Topics

From time to time we are running special sessions which describe "How To" do specific things in the BullCharts software. These are mostly based on specific requests, so if you have a topic, then feel free to request it. See the Contact-Us page for contact details.

More Information

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to: What is a webinar? How to get started? How does it work? What software do I need?
BCUG webinar FAQs are answered here.

BullCharts - Information about BullCharts charting software:

The Share Market - more information about the market and investing and trading.

Webinar software?

To participate in these webinars, you need a web browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.) and your computer's speakers or a headset. 

For the basic webinars you will not need anything else; but for the User Group webinars you WILL need to use Skype (Robert can help with setup).

Webinar registration

You do need to register for a webinar.
Follow the relevant link in the Schedule table at left.
You will need to provide an email address; but you won't receive any junk, spam or unsolicited emails. You can use any old Hotmail or Gmail address - no problem.

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