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Some of these videos can also be found
from the BullCharts KnowledgeBase.

November 2016
User Group
webinar session

BullCharts - What's New in v4.0 to 4.3

Over the last couple of years there have been some nice new features (and tweaks) included in the BullCharts package. The November 2016 Remote User Group webinar (and the Melbourne meeting) featured a demonstration of many of these as a part of the regular webinar session. This video is an unedited recording of the webinar session.


March 2016

Ichimoku Charting

The March 2016 User Group in Melbourne featured a 40 minute
presentation by Alan Clement (www.helixtrader.com), followed by
a demonstration of using Ichimoku Charts on BullCharts.

Note: Some of these topics might also be covered elsewhere, so
also see Robert's BullCharts KnowledgeBase.

July 2015

View the full recording here
(This raw video may be replaced by an edited version)
BullCharts (some tips) and the $100k portfolio

This video (1 hour 6 minutes) is an as yet unedited and raw recording of
the webinar session in July 2015, demonstrating just some of the
features of BullCharts, and also discussing the user group's $100,000 Hypothetical Portfolio.

The topics that are discussed include
(with the time from the start of the video):-
  • Cycles presentation (Kevin Coombs) - The slides are also in
    the BullCharts User's Yahoo Forum (Files section)
  • www.finviz.com - a very useful web site with charts, etc.
  • Cycle tools in BullCharts
    • The $100k Portfolio update
    • The Trade Planning doc
    • The Trading Journal doc
    • The Trading Plan and Strategy
  • BullCharts tips and tools:
    • Vertical grid lines (45min)
    • Space to right of chart (46min)
    • Drag price axis down (47min)
    • Hide holidays (48min 30sec)
    • Candle properties (50min)
    • Candle colours (51min)
    • Holidays in indicator calculations? (52min)
  • $100k portfolio (cont) (53min)
  • Exit Strategies (53min)
  • Indicators in BullCharts:
    • P-SAR (53min 30sec)
    • Moving Average Cross-over (53 min 40sec)
  • $100k portfolio (cont) (60min)
Note: Some of these topics might also be covered elsewhere, so
also see Robert's BullCharts KnowledgeBase.

May 2015

View the full recording here
(This raw video may be replaced by an edited version)
BullCharts version 4.0 - Key features and
the $100k portfolio

This video (1 hour 6 minutes) is an as yet unedited and raw recording
of the webinar session in May 2015, demonstrating some of the
key features of the current BullCharts version4.0, and also a
discussion of the user group's $100,000 Hypothetical Portfolio.
Note that since this meeting, and this recording, the updated
BullCharts version 4.1 has been announced as in progress, and
due for release in about July-August 2015.

The BullCharts features that are discussed include.
  • Security Manager
    • Which stocks are in which index?
    • Which stocks are in which sector?
    • The (GICS) Industry Groups
    • Security types: indices, ordinaroes, unit trusts and ETFs.
    • Scans and the "Default Scan Group"
  • How to find all ETF stocks? (use the BullCharts search tool and the percent wildcard character, or wait for version 4.1).
  • Templates and Workspaces
    • What is the difference?
    • Save Workspace
    • Open Workspace
    • Uses for the Workspace feature
    • The Weinstein Workspace
  • "Can I delete any BullCharts workspace files etc.?"
  • Stack indicators - function key <F3>.
  • The Ex-Dividend Date indicator.
  • Market Depth and the BullCharts live data feed.
  • The $100,000 Portfolio - latest purchases, and strategy discussion.
  • Detailed Watchlist - new feature in BullCharts v4.0
Note: Some of these topics might also be covered elsewhere, so
also see Robert's BullCharts KnowledgeBase.

July 2014

BullCharts version 4 - New features and enhancements

In this webinar we walked through the set of powerpoint slides to explain the key features and enhancements in the new Version 4 of BullCharts. The recording of this webinar has been edited into shorter videos that focus on each of the separate topics listed below. See the What's New web page for the links to the videos.

The version 4 key features include.
  • Watchlist enhancements
  • Market depth - dynamic bars
  • Alerts enhancement
  • BullScan enhancements
  • New and updated chart indicators
  • BullScript enhancements
  • Many other general tweaks and improvements.
See the What's New web page for the links to the videos.

September 2012

(webinar date 25 September)

View the full recording here
Key Topic - Trends
The following BullCharts topics were covered, and are mentioned in the webinar recording, and will soon be added as shorter clips with references in the BullCharts KnowledgeBase.
  • Trendlines, channels, parallel lines.
  • Chart element properties (colour, style, thickness, defaults)
  • Delete All (chart elements)
  • Layer Manager
  • Moving Averages, and 30 Week MA
  • Scan - "Close > Moving Average"
  • Scan - Moving Average Cross-over
  • Guppy MMA indicator - compress/expand
  • Invert Scale (to turn th eprice chart upside down)
  • ADX indicator
  • Linear Regression

July 2012

(webinar date 25 July)
  • Overseas stocks, indexes, currencies:
    • How to find and use the
      overseas index codes (YouTube).
    • How to find and use the codes for
      overseas stocks (YouTube).
    • How to find and use the codes for
      currency pairs (YouTube).
  • Market Map (pending)
  • Market Scatter diagram (pending)
  • Viewing multiple price charts on the screen (pending)
  • Synchronise the chart panes (pending)
  • Time axis (space to right of chart) (pending)

January 2012

(webinar date 25 January)

View the full AnyMeeting
webinar recording here
  • New features in BullCharts v3.9
    • Alert Trend Line
    • Trade Planner enhancements
    • Comment column in Watchlists
  • New features in v 3.8.8:
    • Easy Elliott Wave Tool
    • Copy & Paste chart items
    • Check for Update
  • New features in v 3.8.7:
    • Trade Planner
October 2011 webinar
(webinar date 1 November)

September 2011

(webinar date 4 October)

View the full AnyMeeting
webinar recording here

(this recording is an
earlier style
with bookmarks down
the left-hand side)
  • Special Topic - Show and Tell -
    • TradeSim (brief discussion only)
    • Position Size Calculator (10-minute demo)
  • BullCharts tips
    • How to sort columns in Watchlists and Scan Results
    • BullCharts Offline? (indicator in bottom right-hand corner)
    • Scans, and scanning fundamentals
    • Sorting scan results
    • Scans - copy and paste scan criteria
  • General Business
    • Free Office software (Libre Office and OpenOffice)
    • Bullish Kicker candle pattern
    • Candle Scan criteria
    • The files in the Yahoo Forum
    • Yahoo downloads

Notes about the meeting and
webinars and the recordings

About the webinars:
  1. We currently use the GoToMeeting.com facility for the user group webinars (earlier webinars were conducted using AnyMeeting.com). The GoToMeeting facility is a premium service, the use of which for the user group webinars is sponsored by the BullCharts company.
  2. Up-coming webinar dates are listed in the schedule.
  3. The agenda for these webinar meetings basically follows the agenda and discussion from the previous week's face-to-face Melbourne User Group meeting.
  4. Minutes of each face-to-face meeting are published - see the links in left column here.
To view the recordings:
  1. Some of the recordings are cut from the real sessions, and some are edited from various materials. Some are available to view in YouTube.
  2. You can view the recording of the User Group meeting webinars at left. Clicking on the link will open the recording in a standard web browser. 
  3. The recently recorded sessions have been recorded using Camtasia Studio to produce a better quality and more flexible recording than the earlier AnyMeeting recordings.
  4. For the AnyMeeting recordings, the system will prompt for your name and email address - this is purely for admin purposes to prevent robot software from following the links. It might take 30 seconds to a minute to download the initial information and to start playing.
Viewing the AnyMeeting recordings:
  1. Across the bottom of the window there is a "Pause/Play" button, and a slider to jump ahead in the recording.
  2. A number of "bookmarks" or "cue points" are stored for each recording. Each one has a useful label to help you jump to a specific topic.
    NOTE: Click on the slider just below the desired Cue Point.
  3. When viewing the recording, it may pause from time to time to "buffer" more content. This should take only a few seconds.
  4. In the bottom right hand corner of the window there is an indication of elapsed time, and total time, for the recording.
  5. Problem? - If you encounter a glitch and the recording seems to "stick" or "hang", then close the browser window and connect again, and jump to the desired spot in the recording.

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