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What's new in the latest BullCharts versions?

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The BullCharts software is upgraded with new features and/or enhancements about every year or two. A summary of the recent ones is included below. Also see the official online BullCharts KnowledgeBase.

How to download the latest version? Simply go to the official BullCharts website and click on the link on the home page for Updates & Downloads (near bottom left corner of web page). Then enter your BullCharts data username and password.

  • Version 5.0 (May 2020)
    • Support for Hi-Res 4K monitors.
    • New True Strength Index Indicator added.
    • Some improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • Version 4.6 beta (late 2018)
    • Add a column of information being extracted from the Scan Results Table when saved into a Watchlist to indicate the sequence of stocks from the Scan Results Table.
    • Also some minor bug fixes..
  • Version 4.5 - early 2018
    • Minor fixes and enhancements, including:
    • Improve connectivity between the BullCharts Data Downloader and the core BullServers.
    • Improve the function key F5 for refresh of Metastock data.
    • New True Strength Index indicator.
  • Version 4.4 - March 2017.
    • F5 key — Manually refresh all open charts after a data download.
    • Identify charts that are using Metastock data (an asterisk with the security code in the price chart pane header).
    • Time period is abbreviated in price chart pane header.
    • Improve clarity in price chart header by displaying only share price and movement for stocks.
    • Colour of the plot line is now a bar under the security code in chart header.
    • Added a tooltip to the price chart header (hover mouse over).
    • Right hand click on a stock symbol in the header provides action options.
    • Click on symbol in chart header to “select” a price plot.
    • Add watchlist stocks as a “chart overlay”.
    • Drag and drop symbols from your watchlist to overlay on the chart.
    • <Control> + <Delete> to delete all “over-layed” securities.
    • Multiple “select” available in the Layer Manager.
    • New section for Chart Overlays (in Layer Manager).
    • Toggle to hide or display Chart Overlays (in Layer Manager).
    • “What’s New” is now part of the BullCharts Knowledge Base, with a Help menu option to select it.
    • “Add symbol” shortcut added to chart header (the plus sign at left).
  • Version 4.3 - September 2016. See the following quick list of features, or see more details here.
    • Improvements and tweaks to the new database system
    • Enhanced BullCharts Data Downloader (more features).
    • MetaStock related features
    • Sync and Unsync chart windows (when displaying multiple price charts)
    • Updates to BullCharts Help and the online KnowledgeBase.
    • Many other updates:
      • Scheduled time to get data
      • Alert Manager auto triggered
      • Symbol box - size increased
      • Better video support for 4K monitors
      • Detailed WatchList - new data items
      • Ribbon Pane height 
      • View Chart Memo (Ctrol+M)
      • BullCharts Quick Search
      • Search in Comments
      • Icon - setting default colour
      • Sort Watchlist entries by Comment field
  • Version 4.2 - May 2016. See the following quick list of features, or see more details here.
    • New database system (now includes commodities, overseas stocks and indexes)
    • Additional data exchanges available (eg. US stocks, global indices, commodities, and other country exchanges).
    • Upgraded and enhanced BullCharts Data Downloader.
  • Version 4.1 - September 2015. See the following quick list of features, or the What's New document,
    or see more details here.
    • Comparative Percent Performance chart (new)
    • Watchlist Report window panel (new)
    • Workspace Manager Toolbar (new)
    • Display Sector and Industry Group (new) in Detailed Watchlist
    • Training Mode (enhancement)
    • Selecting row colour in Watchlist (enhancement)
    • Add in ETFs under Security Type in Security Manager
    • New RSC indicators: Outperforming Sector/Market
      • RSCAS - RSC against Sector
      • RSCOSI - RSC of Sector Index
      • RSCWMA - RSC with Moving Average
    • New RSC Scans: Outperforming Sector/Market
      • RSC Outperforming for a Symbol 
      • RSC Outperforming the Market and its Sector
      • RSC Sectors Outperforming the Market
  • Version 4.0 - July 2014. See the following quick list of features, or see the What's New in 4.0 document.
    • General:
      • Arrow heads on Line Interval tool
      • Price movement values in tooltip box
      • Edit Undo function
      • Cross-hair cursor - improvements to colours
      • Clear data cache
      • Weekly bar is now always on Monday
      • Price Info window has customisable properties
      • Quarterly chart tooltip revision
    • Watchlist enhancements
    • Dynamic Market Depth, with bar charts
    • Alerts on both price and volume
    • BullScan enhancements
    • Chart indicators (new and updated):
      • Ex-div date marker
      • Ribbon height adjustable
      • Fundamental Data report on screen
      • Auto-insert date using cursor date
      • Heikin-Ashi candles
      • Double Top and Bottom chart patterns
      • Ichimoku indicator shows correct cloud
    • BullScript enhancements
    • Several minor fixes.
  • Versions 3.8.7 to 3.9. See the What's New in 3.9 document.
    • Comment fields in watch lists.
    • Alert Trend Line.
    • Copy and Paste for line studies
    • New Easy Elliott Wave tool (updated swing trendline)
    • Check for BullCharts Update.
    • Trade Planner (to assist with position sizing).

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