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BullCharts Tip Sheets
What are they?
How to get them automatically?

From time to time Robert publishes a short Tip Sheet comprising several tips about the BullCharts charting software.

They are available for free, and you can receive them automatically as they are published. Simply register using the big blue button below. 

Or you can download archived copies - see the links at right.

A Master Index of all items in the archived Tip Sheets is also available.

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Master Index and the Archive

Tip Sheet topics.

Here is the list of Archived (HTML) copies
of past Tip Sheets (most recent at the top).

Tip Sheet #22 - IntelliCharts - A potential problem
on multiple charts of the same stock, or
multiple time periods, including a work around.

Tip Sheet #21 - Candlestick basics,
BullCharts Candle Patterns indicator,
the Layer Manager.

Tip Sheet #20 - Scans, Scan Results Table,
How to copy the Scan Results Table to Excel or other spreadsheet program.
BullScan elements - "Show", "Price % Change".
BullScan - Sorting the results;
Saving the stock list as a Watchlist.

Tip Sheet #19 - Toolbars - Display/Hide and Move.

Tip Sheet #18 - How to display and manage
multiple price charts (using File - New);
Tile and Resize windows.;
Float a price chart window (to another monitor);

Tip Sheet #17 - Latest BullCharts version is 3.8.4. Applying colours to Watchlist entries. Sorting a Watchlist by Colour. How to change the default colours for watchlist entries - the Watchlist Folder Properties.

Tip Sheet #16 - A possible company reporting season trading strategy, including references to: Watchlists and Watchlist Folders, company reporting dates (web site references),
Chart Memo feature, and viewing company announcements using the Quick News Search. 

Tip Sheet #15 - All about the Security Manager and Watchlists:-
Index Composition (which stocks are in each market index?);
Industry Groups (Energy, Materials, Industrials, etc.);
Indices (a list of the index codes - eg XJO, XAO, etc.);
Your Watchlists and Watchlist folders. 

Tip Sheet #14 - The Multiple Moving Average (MMA) indicator.
How to Copy an indicator. How to Edit (modify) an indicator.
Guppy MMA indicator. Using Bull Script.
Technical Analysis Introduction seminar. 

Tip Sheet #13Key chart elements - Window Title Bar, Pane Title Bar, Security Manager.  Cross-hair cursor. 
Info Window. Volume pane colours.
Vertical line fixed on chart - "This tool is relevant to this security only".
Parallel Line toolbar button.  Channel lines on chart.
Trading Workshop, GFC Seminar. 

Tip Sheet #12 - BullCharts Workspaces - what are they? and how to manage? 

Tip Sheet #11 - Mouse and keyboard shortcuts;
Mouse scroll wheel to scroll chart and zoom;
Insert indicator Ctrl+I; and Insert Security Ctrl+E. 

Tip Sheet #10 - BullCharts v3.8.1 (beta); "Show Axis - Left or Time";
How to display currencies; How to chart two stocks on the one chart. 

Tip Sheet #9 - Focus on Price Panes, and rearranging them across the screen.  For example, with stacked indicators, and resequencing the tabs. 

Tip Sheet #8 - More about "Blue Chip" stocks. Also basic Price Chart features, plus information on the Chart window Title Bar, the
available Price Pane properties and the Price Pane Title Bar

Tip Sheet #7 - The BullCharts Backup and Restore features to take a copy of your key price and charts data. Also, lines and trendlines on charts, and the BullCharts "Snap to Data" feature.

Tip Sheet #6 - "Blue Chips" definition. Liquidity - what is it and why is it important? Selecting an index as a BullCharts watchlist. 

Tip Sheet #5 - BullCharts scans - more details on scan selection criteria.

Tip Sheet #4 - BullCharts scans, Author scans, and customising scans. Also advanced trading topic - using the TCT SPI Gap Filler strategy to trade CFDs with IG Markets.

Tip Sheet #3 - Three shortcut Function keys - F3, F7, F8.  Also, how to view global indices, etc. in BullCharts.

Tip Sheet #2 - Two options for saving text and annotations, and the BullCharts IntelliCharts feature.

Tip Sheet #1 - Line Studies toolbar, Cross Hair cursor and BullCharts Templates.

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