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About intrinsic value

An article published in AFR Smart Investor, January 2014, entitled Why instrinsic value is rubbish, explaining why the notion of intrinsic value is not very useful for retail investors.

Australian Financial Review

Robert was interviewed by Tony Featherstone for an article in the Weekend Financial Review newspaper, published Saturday 30 June 2012. A scanned copy of the article is included below (click on the image for a larger version) including a chart of Acrux (ACR); but with an  incorrect caption which should read "Acrux share price and the Wilson ATR Trailing Stop". AFR subscribers can see the online version here...  And published again in BRW.
The published article

Newspaper articles - Fairfax

Along with ATAA colleagues, Robert has contributed to articles published in Melbourne's The Age, and the Sydney Morning Herald newspapers. See more details here...

ASX Investor Update monthly newsletter

Robert has authored an article, with explanatory price charts, for publication in the ASX Investore Update monthly newsletter (June 2012). See details here...

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