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Robert's own reference publications

Listed below are details for the following publications:
  • 10 Key Lessons from the GFC for Investors and Traders 
  • Share Market GEMS (Wall Street Words of Wisdon) 
  • Share Market Secrets 
  • Blue Chip Price Chart Secrets

10 Key Lessons from the GFC
for Investors and Traders

Also referred to as: "Beware the Share Market Bears!"

A lot of people were suffering from the economic downturn in 2008-2009. Perhaps an understatement for some people.

But it is important to remember that even though the share market bears might hibernate for a while, they are not far away. The bears can potentially return with very little warning and put another huge hole in our investments. Did you know that a bear market, or market correction, hits the Australian share market about every 3 years on average. See more bear market details.

It is very important to Beware the Share Market Bears! If you know the warning signs, then you can guard against the potentially significant impact when the share market bears do strike again.

Read more about the "10 Key Lessons" here...

Beware the Bears!

Share Market GEMsShare Market GEMs or
Wall Street Words of Wisdom

Those share market pearls of wisdom that many people take years to find about! Here they are - all in one place. But are they all for real, or are some of them really furphies?

It can take many years of reading text books and newspapers, attending lectures and seminars, and watching news reports, to hear a number of those very useful “tips” and observations about the share market.

We could call them Share Market GEMs, or pearls of wisdom. They might be very useful clichés, adages, proverbs, axioms or Wall Street sayings. Many experienced market-watchers wish that someone could have told them all these things early in their investing or trading career - it would have given them a huge head start.

But, a word of caution - some of the Wall Street pearls of wisdom are actually furphies! Don't believe everything that you hear.

Read more about Brainy's Share Market GEMs here...

Brainy's Share Market GEMs publication.

Share Market Secrets 

Not happy with the performance of
your investments or your adviser?
Learn the truth about the share market.

Key topics in this handbook:
  • Understand your investing risk tolerance
  • Funda-Technical AnalysisLearn the basics about Funda-Technical Analysis, and about the myriad of companies that are keen to help you further. 
  • Find out why the market is like an elephant.
  • Find out how to buy and sell shares, and understand the traps for newbies. 
  • The market is really a fast-paced auction — find out more. 
  • The focus is on shares, but CFDs and other instruments are included.
This 91-page handbook is the handout that accompanies the Share Market Secrets seminar (formerly called the Boot Camp seminar). It is available for Premium Toolbox Members to download.

The full version of this handbook can be purchased as an eBook to download  from the OnLine Shop - click here for details.

Brainy's Share Market Secrets

Blue Chip Price Chart Secrets 

The price charts of companies, and the indexes, can tell us a lot about the mood and sentiment of the market. And can hint at what might happen next.
Interpreting price charts is nothing like reading tea leaves. It is based on the decades-old principles of technical analysis. And what's more, it all sounds rather sensible.

This 113-page handbook is the handout that accompanies the Charting Secrets seminar. It is available for Premium Toolbox Members to download.
The full version of this handbook can be purchased as an eBook to download  from the OnLine Shop - click here for details.

Price Chart Secrets

Computers in Business and at Home

Computers in Business and at HomeRobert authored and self-published Computers in Business and at Home - Computer Basics for Everyone in Layman's Terms in 1989 (picture at left).
Under the Colonial Pioneer Publishing imprint, this title was then picked up and republished by Longman Cheshire (image at right).
See references in the National Library, and at Longman Cheshire.

This publication is no longer available. 

Computers in Business and at Home 

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