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Marketing materials for use by
ATAA Chapters and others

There are a number of materials available to ATAA Chapter Councillors and others
to promote the ATAA.

The A5 flyers in the stand

The A5 Flyers

In April 2013 the ATAA is launching a series of four new A5-sized flyers to help promote some of the key features of ATAA membership.

They are designed to help existing members maximise the benefits of ATAA membership, and for use at Chapter meetings and Trading/Investing Expos to help promote the ATAA and our membership features.

The photo at right shows the set of four flyers sitting in a 4-tier brochure stand. Each ATAA Chapter needs to purchase one of these stands (and bill the ATAA for the expense), and keep it stocked with just a few flyers (available from the ATAA office in Sydney). They can be purchased from Officeworks for under $35. Note this is a 4-tier, A5-size, portrait configuration brochure stand (the one pictured is a Deflecto brand).

A4-size PDF versions of these documents will soon be available for you to download and/or print out for your own use.

The four topics currently covered in these flyers are as follows:

DVD Library - A description of how members can access the DVD Library, and borrow the DVD disks. The flip side of the flyer lists some of the available DVD titles. DVD Library - front DVD Library - flip side
Suggested Resources - Just a few sample book and DVD titles that are recommended reading / viewing for newbies, and intermediates. Suggested Resources - front Suggested Resources - flip side
Formal Education - Some introductory information about the formal eduation on offer - what it is, and how to get more details. Formal Education - front Formal Education - flip side
Popular Charting Tools 
& Data Providers
- A list on the front page of popular charting tools used by many of the ATAA members, with a list of some data providers on the flip side.
Popular Charting Tools - front Data Providers - flip side

The official ATAA blue flyer

The official Blue Flyer

The ATAA has an official national marketing flyer (double-sided) - "Realise Your Market Edge", also referred to affectionately as "the Blue Flyer".
[Flyer updated July 2012.]

It is useful to have a few of these on the Visitor Registration table at chapter meetings.
Order quantities from our national office in Sydney.
Contact our Administration Secretary (Anna) by phone or email. You can also download a PDF version of it here.
Visitor and New Member Information Sheet

Welcome to our Chapter
Visitor Information Sheet

Some chapters have a "Visitor & New Member Information Sheet" to give to visitors and new members at the chapter meetings.
You can download a Microsoft Word (.doc) version of the Melbourne sheet here, and customise it for your own Chapter.

Any other materials or handouts can be shared here as well. Please email to Robert with the details (email address below).
Emails to Chapter Councilors

Special emails to Chapter Councillors

In 2012 we started writing occasional emails to all Chapter Councillors, providing information and support to help them in their roles within the Chapter Council.

Past emails are currently temporarily
stored in this archive.

Updates to email addresses for this should be sent directly to Robert Brain, and feedback is always welcome (email address below).

ATAA Chapter Marketing

The ATAA Chapters are invited to nominate one of their members to be the local Chapter Marketing Coordinator.
Refer to the guidelines sheet, and
the list of current coordinators.

About the ATAA

The Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA) is a not-for-profit association that has the primary aim of promoting the correct use of technical analysis. Membership consists of both professional technical analysts and private individuals who use technical analysis to assist with decisions related to trading and investing in the financial markets. The focus of the Association is the provision of education and networking to enable members to be more effective traders and investors. (Source:-

The ATAA Vision

We aim to be the foremost organisation for the advancement of, and education in, Technical Analysis and related trading and investing skills. (Revised 2016)

Mission statement

To assist our members through mutual support, guidance and the sharing of knowledge, to develop their confidence and proficiency in understanding and participating in financial markets by the application of Technical Analysis and related trading and investing skills. (Revised 2016)

ATAA tag line

The knowledge network for successful financial market trading and investing

More details

Visit the official ATAA web site for more information:

Presentation Slide sets

These materials are now a little dated, but in 2014 the ATAA updated a number of materials to help promote two things:
  1. The study of Technical Analysis (by explaining what it is), and 
  2. Membership of the ATAA organisation so that more investors and traders can benefit from being a member of this not-for-profit, independent, national association.
The materials below are sets of slides which can be displayed at ATAA Chapter meetings, or at the annual Trading & Investing Expos (which have not been running since 2015), or viewed personally. For information about which option to download, or how to view them, see the notes below. At the present time, these slides still use the old ATAA logo and need to be updated.

Slide set description

Option 1
The ZIP file version
Option 2
The PDF file version
Option 3
Option 4

About the ATAA

A set of 28 slides describing the ATAA - who we are, what we do, and the benefits for members. Explains what we can do to help investors and traders. (Ack - Neil Godwin*)

Zip file
of jpegs

PDF file

the PPSX

the PPTX

Technical Analysis - What is it?

A set of 63 slides that provide an overview of the broad subject of Technical Analysis
(updated March 2018).

Zip file
of jpegs

PDF file

the PPSX

the PPTX
NOTE: Downloading any of these files may take a few minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection.
* - Acknowledgement - Neil Godwin for the original material for this set of slides. 

When downloading

  • Some of these download options are rather large and might take a few minutes to download.
  • When you download these materials, it is best to choose "Save File" and save the file to a location on your computer where you can find it again later. Or you can right-click on an option and choose "Save Link As..". The precise option for saving will depend on which browser software you are using (ie. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc.).

About Option 1 - the Zip file of JPEG slides

  • Using this set of slides is the easiest way to view these presentations.
  • The Zip file contains a number of Jpeg (picture) files. They are named to facilitate slide-show operation in the intended sequence.
  • Download the Zip file. 
  • Your Windows program (Windows Explorer) might be able to open the Zip file, otherwise you might need a Zip tool (eg. 7-zip, WinZip, PKZip) to extract the files and save them into one folder on your computer, or onto a USB memory stick.
  • It can be useful to save the set of Jpeg files in a new folder of their own. Both of the above slidesets can be saved into the one folder so that a slideshow viewer can "slide-show" through all of them in sequence.
  • To view the slideshow:
    • If you have one folder which contains only Jpeg files, you can use a free viewer program to view the files in an automatic SlideShow format.
      Eg. use the free IrfanView software tool to view and slide-show the set of slides.
    • You can display these Jpeg files from a USB memory stick using a computer monitor and an inexpensive Media Player device (eg. AC Ryan PlayOn media player about $120). No computer required.

About Option 2 - the PDF files

  • Download the desired PDF file(s) and save it on your computer or USB memory stick.
  • The PDF file will open into full-screen mode, ready for you to step through the set of slides manually.
  • The PDF file has security applied to disallow extraction of text and images; but will allow printing.

About Option 3 - the PPSX self-executing PowerPoint presentation files

  • Download the desired PPS file(s) and save it on your computer or USB memory stick.
  • The PPS file is a Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow format.
  • You might need Microsoft Office (PowerPoint) to view this, or the free alternative LibreOffice (or OpenOffice).

About Option 4 - the PPTX PowerPoint presentation files

  • The PowerPoint version is made available in case the other options don't work. 
  • Please refrain from makign unauthorised changes to the slides!
  • You might need Microsoft Office (PowerPoint) to view this, or the free alternative LibreOffice (or OpenOffice).

Questions or feedback?

Please feel free to direct questions or feedback regarding this material to the undersigned. Happy to make changes and improvements.

About the author and sponsor

About the ATAA   

The Australian Technical Analysts Robert is a share market analyst, part-time share trader, consultant and educator, and has provided the materials above as a part of his role as ATAA Director (Marketing and Member Services). These materials will one day be posted and available from the official ATAA web site. In the meantime, Robert is hosting this ATAA information on his Share Market Toolbox web site.

The "About ATAA" slides have come from the set that Neil Godwin created in 2010, and which have now been updated. The "What is TA?" slides are a sub-set of Robert's "Technical Analysis Intro" seminar that runs four times each year in Melbourne.

Robert B Brain
ATAA Director

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