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Robert ("Brainy") has prepared a number of "tools"
to help with the market.

Some of the items below are
only available to Premium Toolbox Members.

PLEASE NOTE:  The information and tools provided here are supplied in good faith,
and no guarantee is made as to their accuracy or reliability,
and no liability can be accepted for their use or misuse.
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Toolbox Tools

Some of the following might be freely available (shaded green), but some are only available to Toolbox Members shaded blue, or to
Premium Members shaded red.
  • Trading Work Sheets:
  • Position Size Calculator: (see introductory material on the web).
    A spreadsheet file in which you can enter likely buy price, initial stop loss, available capital, and the calculator will calculate an optimum position size (based on your risk metrics).
    Note: most cells in this spreadsheet are "protected". You can click in any of the green or yellow cells to update the numbers.
    Please take care as this is not yet 100 percent fully debugged and verified - some calculations might be wrong!
    • For shares (long trades, not short):-
      available only to Premium Toolbox Members:
  • BullCharts software users note:- A position size calculator is included within the product as the Trade Planner tool. See the BullCharts Knowledgebase for links to reference information on this tool.

More information

Also look for these other tools and documents in the Toolbox Members Area:
  • Handbooks from Brainy's seminars and workshops.

The information presented herein represents the opinions of the web page content owner, and
are not recommendations or endorsements of any product, method, strategy, etc.
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