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What is the Share Market Toolbox?         

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Brainy's Share Market Toolbox
is an arsenal of weapons
to help you tackle the share market.

Suited to both new and experienced
traders and investors.

Read the honest truth about the sharemarket.
Develop or fine tune your investing/trading strategies
using share price charts (technical analysis), or
learn about the investment strategies of others.

Relevant to share trading/investing
as well as currencies (forex) and
commodities (gold, etc.).

And beware of the
sharks in the ocean!
Beware the sharks!

Three levels of
Toolbox Membership

  • Casual Toolbox Member - Free, no charge, with
    access to lots of Free stuff.
  • Standard Toolbox Membership - Access to lots of stuff.
  • Premium Toolbox Membership - Access to even stuff.
How much does it cost? - See the FAQ section.

Quick Links

FAQs - See Frequently Asked Questions about the Toolbox, including your inexpensive investment to help you save money in the markets.

Why Join? - Some good reasons to consider joining as a Toolbox Member.

How to join? - See the simple steps to join up - over the web using PayPal, or a credit card, or cheque or money order in the mail - no problem.

Detailed list of toolbox contents - See the Members Gateway for a long list of items in the Toolbox, and a comparison of the different membership types.

Premium Membership - a summary of the extra features for Premium Toolbox Members.


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